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For when the internet IS serious business

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Angry about something incredibly stupid? Found something so awful you can't help but rage at the computer screen? Community discussion devolving into shit flinging or meta? Post it here.


1) Post articles, livejournal posts, websites etc that are offensive, awful, and make you want to reach through the screen and punch someone. Stupid is welcome, but keep it ragey.
2) Your milage may vary on what is a requisite for a post. If it's stupid but not ragey, consider posting to stupid_free or sf_drama.
3) Put large images and large blocks of text under a cut. Large images in this case, are images bigger than 600x800 pixels.
4) All not safe for work images must be under a cut, and warned for.
5) Swearing is allowed, posting images and macros is allowed, but use your discretion. No personal attacks.
6) Don't delete comments or posts. Delete one comment or post, you get a warning. Twice, and you'll be temp-banned. Do it again after the temp-ban and you'll be permanently banned.
6a) If you can't edit comments to fix broken html, you may delete it and attempt again, but don't say something, delete it and claim you did it to fix html. I have all your comments in my inbox.
7) People may disagree with you. Expect this, and try to take it in your stride. Not everyone gets angry at the same thing.
8) On the same vein as seven, if you disagree with someone you can voice your opinion, but please use your discretion and don't get personal.
9) Don't troll personal journals.
10) Keep it on topic.
11) Use of -ist language and slurs is unacceptable and will get you a warning the first time, and a ban if you keep using them.