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Barber denies lesbian a haircut

Faith MacGregor wanted a man's style haircut. So she went to a barber shop.

Said barber shop is run by devout Muslims. So far so good?

Except, when she came in and asked for a man style haircut, they refused, on the basis that their religion forbids them from even TOUCHING a woman they are not related to (or boinking) in some way. I'm not sure if they knew she was a lesbian at the time but given their reply I think that's pretty moot right now.

The good news: She's gone to the Human Rights Commission.

The bad news: I'm not sure who the HRC is going to rule in favor of. This is why:

Barbara Hall, the head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, said she isn't surprised by the action.

She said that as Canada becomes more diverse, rights are coming into conflict.

"No right is absolute," said Hall. "So no right trumps another."

At the Muslim Association of Canada, many expressed shock that the complaint is being heard.

"It is in the holy Koran, you are not allowed to cut the hair of a woman," said Mohammed Hassan. "Only a woman is supposed to cut the hair of another woman."

I'm just hoping they rule against the backwards misogynists who are using their religion as an excuse. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the Koran says NOTHING about who's allowed to cut whose hair.

from the bad news/good news department (TW: bullying, suicide, pedo)
I hate you I hate you all
Interview with a troll: Facebook user explains why he posts photos that mock Amanda Todd

Anonymous Tracked Down the Jailbait-Loving Perv Who Destroyed Amanda Todd's Life

(no subject)

My mother asked me what was so bad about [public figure against women’s rights and gay rights].

After women’s rights issues, I ended up talking about why it’s ridiculous that gay couples would not be allowed to get married based on the religious beliefs of other people, because marriage is not an exclusively religious event and atheists get married.

My mother responds by saying that atheists shouldn’t be allowed to get married either.


Hello, my name is Dae, I am both an atheist and asexual lesbian, and my mother is well aware of this. Now I wonder why I love my mother and want her to have the utmost care and respect given to her when she believes that I should not.

Oklahoma Judge denies name-change for those transitioning
[[Text]] Swearing is Caring
A judge in the US has denied two trans people the right to change their name to fit with their transitions, ruling that they were appealing to change for fraudulent purposes.

Oklahoma District Judge, Bill Graves, has denied the name change in two cases – one in August, and one last year, NewsOK reported.

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purposefully cute
TW domestic violence
This headline really ticked me off. It's making a joke of men who experience DV from women. It's an example of how patriarchy adversely affects men; men who experience DV are prone to ridicule. This kind of shit makes it harder for men to report domestic violence. (I'm a feminist - I hope this doesn't come across as being in any way MRA tinged.)

It's the goosip section of a tabloid... still, not cool. The text of the article seems ok.

This honestly makes me want to physically attack people.
Gives a kizz luv.

TW cancer and people deciding to be nasty and taunting about it.Collapse )

Feels like those sociopathic types that a) don't know what freedom of speech means and applies to b) fret and piss and moan over potentially not being allowed to bully and bait people.

DR: The Great A Debate
I know life is 'sacred' yadda yadda.

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(May be triggering, vitriol included)

Grand Rapids, MI cops claim proven threats are not a crime (TW: SA threats, sexist slurs)
what do you MEAN...?! [misc rant]
full story (TW in here and under cut)

bullshit from the linkCollapse )

honestly i don't even fucking care that this scum claims to be a Christian (though it makes it that much more disgusting that they claim to share my religion). that's pretty irrelevant in this case. the fact is, the threats are ON VIDEO and the fucking cops are blowing it off and victim-blaming. makes me wonder how many victims of worse have been mistreated....that whole police department ought to be investigated.

last time i checked, making a threat of ANY kind, even if you were joking, was considered a terrorist action! and even if this isn't, it's still a fucking threat of violence.


Teen girl arrested for outing attackers
TW rape/sex assaultCollapse )

Just a [homophobic] thought
Allison facepalm
Facebook: the place to ponder your homophobic thoughts so the whole world can comment on them.

The inciting status:
"Just a thought. If gay marriage is adopted and sex is the proof of gayism, how do you prove you're gay? Lots of reasons to get married. Instant legal status as a resident. Health care . Marriage is not based on sex, homosexual marriage is... who is to witness the sex? Or do we just take their word for it?"

In other words, this special fellow believes that gay couples should have to prove they are having sex in order to get married (if gay marriage was allowed) but heterosexual couples don't have to prove a thing, because they COULD have babies even if they don't. It's only the gays who are all about sex and prancing and molesting and orgasm-addiction. (Yes, this is all what the poster believes, check the caps).

And it got dumber from there.

I capped it for your raging pleasure.

Warning: Full of homophobia, politics-bashing and batshiat logic. Please be prepared to handle the dumb.

Some quotes below for the tl;dr or image waryCollapse )


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