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Australia: Rapist and pedophile paradise.
antique_beast wrote in rage_free
I really really don't want to live in this country any more, and I just want to vent. I'm tired of waking up to read the news in the morning to see shit like:

Child porn collector (infant rape, bondage, torture & beastiality)-5 years, (Parole 3).

Sentence cut for rapist who's victims wounds doctors described as the worst injuries they had ever seen in a sexual assault victim who had survived.- 17 Years (13 parole) (was known to be serial offender)

Father who punched one of daughters gang rapist gets longer sentence than and of the gang rapists

All 9 gang rapists of 10 year old girl walk free

Between 2002 and 2003, more than one in ten convicted rapists in Victoria, Australia, served a wholly suspended sentence, and the average total effective sentence for rape was seven years according to sentencing statistics for the Victorian Supreme and County courts. (that includes serial rapists, it seems to be one sentence time fits all so you may as well rape as many people as you can, not just one because you will likely get very similar time). Apart from the indefinite sentence, the longest total effective sentence was 22 years, 9 months for rape according to the Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council's Rape Sentencing Statistics. Raping a child won't seem to get you much more time either. I just.. I don't want to live here any more. Do other countries have such low conviction rates and such continually lenient sentences for rapists and child molesters? 

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Oh for sure. In the US, pot gets you more time than rape.

ETA: I am just speechless on all of them.

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What the fuck is wrong with the world...

My BFF was recently attacked and it sounds so much like that second link. Except the dude broke into her house and she woke up with him on top of her, but it was just SO VIOLENT. I went to see her at the hospital the morning after and there wasn't an inch of her that was the right colour. The court case is in a couple weeks and I'm pretty worried.

That last story is really messed up. I mean they all are, but damn.

Fuck, I'm so sorry to hear that. It breaks my heart this shit just seems to be so common place. I hope for her sake that the guy gets whats coming to him. I don't know how people are expected to have faith in the justice system when it contains almost no justice.


*hugs* for your friend. I hope they throw the book at the asshole who did that to her.

We place a higher value on things than we do on people. Someone who robs a house or steals a car will get more time than someone who rapes. And yeah, if you get caught with drugs say good bye to freedom, but if your a ~good bloke~, a footy player, just fun and games mate then pffft, suspended sentence if you get any record of conviction at all.

I can't even... these are all perfect examples of why I cried when I found out I was having a girl and why I sometimes think killing us both would be the most loving thing I could do.

it hurts doesn't it. I'm sorry that you feel that way though I understand why you do. I fear if I had a female child I woulnd't be able to protect them. Fucked up world.

This is why I'm studying criminology, criminal psychology and the criminal justice system, because I want to help put these bastards away, or at least into rehabilitation programs so this kind of bullshit stops. My frustrations at the Australian criminal justice system prevented me from reporting my own attacker.

Since then I've sat in on child sex abuse cases, and seen monsters get the same penalties as speeders. I've sat within feet of smiling old men, whose crimins include the unthinkable to children, while their wife sits behind me swearing at the victim for speaking out.

The whole system is one terrifying path to take for victims. The end results often mock the suffering and courage it takes to try to get the offenders behind bars.

My frustrations at the Australian criminal justice system prevented me from reporting my own attacker.

me too :(

Yes, other countries have very appalling rates and continually lenient sentences. I don't know what to say, I'm Australian and sometimes these things get to me very severely, but as far as I can tell the rest of the world really isn't better.

If you're feeling up to reading more brutal goings on in Australia, this article is from 2008, but I saved a link to it, its just horrible.


"THE parents of a Gold Coast teenager turned her into a child sex slave, hiring her out to up to 200 clients through the internet. "

"Police were only able to charge one client as he admitted to knowing Chloe was under 16."

The world is a hateful fucking place.

Ugh, didn't another one like that happen with a woman paying off her car here like, last year? makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

I don't think I heard about that one. :(

Don't go looking for it, just don't. Oh god it made me feel so ill. Mother got away with a really light sentence too. Girl has every STD bar fucking AIDS, can't have kids and has internal injuries to last a lifetime T.T

I want hugs, and my boyfriend is at the starcraft 2 launch. I should go to bed.

Another factor is racism. Australians seem to have some serious issues with the indigenous people. I didn't have time to check all the articles, but the one where the judge feels the 10 year old probably wanted 9 teenagers to pile up on top of her was probably blinded by his beliefs about "those people". I bet he would have felt differently if it had been a little white girl.

I don't think it would be different if it was a white girl actually. I tend to find that while indigenous people are more likely to get picked up for crime they are much less likely to get sentenced for it, and will get much more lenient sentence, also use of things like koori courts. In lots of cases of indigenous people raping white/asian people if they are young they generally get off scott free because 'poor uneducated ape man didn't know better'. Still racist as fuck but as far as I've seen they get an easier run and a race get out of jail free card.

Also, in the case of the 9 v 1 girl- its because she didn't say no. She was afraid for her safety so she said yes and went a long with it- there for she deserved it... you know... Because its not 'rape rape' unless they hold you down. Any situation where you have a chance to make it better for yourself means its not real rape... *sigh*
That judge has also made some other bad calls in the past non race related. If anything I'd say it was more sexist than racist.

Yeah, it happens in the US too. On top of that, we have crap like this:


"several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors with high-level security clearances who allegedly purchased and downloaded child pornography, including an undisclosed number who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material."

Not only were these people NOT fired and handed over to the police immediately, but the main concern by their superiors was extortion/blackmail of these individuals (who, by the way, posess high level security clearances) and not the fact that they were VIEWING CHILD PORN.

(Deleted comment)
NO! WE keep the Earth- they can have the moon.

Oh my God, I feel physically ill.

oh god oh god oh god
i can't even deal with this shit.
why does society treat pedophiles and rapists so softly?
if i had it my way they'd be shot on sight. they're not humans, they're fucking monsters.

I think it's rather ironic that the conservatives over there are making such a big deal out of wanting an internet filter/banning certain media/games/books/magazines BUT..when it comes to real pedophiles and rapists..they get slaps on the wrist like this.

Not that it doesn't happen in other places it's just the hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.

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