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The only "common knowledge" here is that you are the detritus that has settled to the bottom of the barrel, you terrible, disgusting person.



Holy shit, what is wrong with this woman?

The fact that people like this actually exist and are apparently serious breaks my mind.

holy fucking christ. what? just WHAT

Comment by the article author: "Why do you automatically assume I don’t believe in pre-marital sex? If my daughter would get knocked up it would save me a lot of time and money hiring transvestites. They aren’t cheap, especially when you need 3-4 Vietnamese lady-boys just to make her wet."

I'm going to say troll.

I'm thinking that too. It's just way too over the top to be taken seriously.

Yeah, I know there are people who have these kinds of atrociously awful opinions, but she seems to be expressing them in such a way that comes off more as trolling than anything.

I think this is some sort of elaborate troll blog. I thought it was real at first, but the last bit about the transvestite and the comments, idk.

Also that her name is (Miss) Ann Thrope.
And that it's called "The Ladies Monthly."

This has to be a troll. I can't see anyone objecting to lesbianism on moral ground encouraging parents to turn their sons gay.

Ah but 30 seconds investigation shows that it's a parody blog - sending up Uptight Privileged Girly White Women by the look of it). In questionable taste, perhaps, and not what we'd all call comedy, but it's fairly clearly not intended to be taken seriously.

Clue: title - "The Ladies Monthly" (hur hur)
Clue: author - [Miss] Ann Thrope

see also all the other stories - things like "Changing Yourself For The Man You Already Have", "New Disorder for Kids Without ADHD", "Gift Ideas For That Time of the Month", "Finding A Mirror Anywhere", "Teaching your Baby to use Makeup"... and so on and so forth.

ETA: not to mention the beauty tip article "Shave Your Bum In Four Gentle Strokes".

Edited at 2011-05-14 12:21 pm (UTC)

there's also "Getting The Gay Son You Always Wanted." so yes, she's probably not serious, but hipster homophobia is like hipster racism; bigotry for the sake of being funny is still actually bigotry.

Ah but 30 seconds investigation shows that it's a parody blog

LOL, as I was reading the article, I was thinking, "This has to be satire!".

People are still falling for this? The author is Miss Ann Thrope, for fuck's sake.

I'd read it as Ann Thorpe...which is the name of someone I've actually met before.

One big troll-article but I did laugh at the ridiculousness of this comment from the author:

"I personally made my daughter in my womb, and I can tell you firsthand that I didn’t make her gay."

Yeah I'm relieved it's just parody but it's not far off from what some people really thing. It seems in pretty poor taste.

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